As the number of seats is limited, we prioritize fleet customer registrations.
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The registration fee offers full access to the entire programme below.
To ease organising catering and accommodation set-up, please tick the time slots you’ll be able to attend.

26/11/2018 15:30 Expert Meeting Session LatAm (please note that an extra fee will be applied) (please note that an extra 250.00 EUR fee will be applied)
26/11/2018 18:00 Global Fleet Managers Club
27/11/2018 08:00 Opening registration desk and Fleet Europe Remarketing Village
27/11/2018 09:00 Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum
27/11/2018 12:30 Walking Lunch in Fleet Europe Remarketing Village
27/11/2018 13:30 Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum
27/11/2018 19:00 International Car Remarketing Award Ceremony and Official Dinner
Attendance Fleet Europe Forum, Village & Awards 2018 - 28 Nov 2018
28/11/2018 08:00 Fleet Europe Village & Start-up Café open for networking
28/11/2018 09:00 Fleet Europe Forum
28/11/2018 12:00 Walking Lunch in Fleet Europe Village and Start-up Café
28/11/2018 13:45 Corporate Side Presentations
28/11/2018 19:00 Fleet Europe Awards Ceremony & Cocktail Reception
28/11/2018 21:00 Gala Dinner
28/11/2018 23:00 Annual Industry Afterparty hosted by Sixt
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Please kindly note that the early bird rate is valid until 01/10/2018

Please note that a VAT of 21% will be invoiced.

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In case of cancellation, please inform us by email to .
Please note that 30% cancellation fee applies in case of cancellation less than 10 working days before the event.